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Watch The making of Doloris

Be among the first
few that will enter
Doloris’ Universe.


Be among
the first few
that will enter

The very first tickets for Doloris’ Universe are now available! A limited number of tickets will be sold with 15% discount to reward you for being a fanatic. When the presale ends, the price will go up for eternity.

The presale runs until the 1st of March.

Presale tickets sold | More info
  • 1 presale ticket

    Valid until 31 december 2019
  • 2017
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  • 10 presale tickets

    Valid until 31 december 2019
  • 200150
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This presale is a form of crowdfunding that covers the last part of the financing of Doloris.


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Any questions left?

What is the duration of the experience?

That depends on you. A trip through the universe can happen in a flash or take you multiple hours. The duration is estimated between 45 and 75 minutes.

Can I visit it with a group?

Yes you can. You will enter one by one and can explore everything by your own. But it is possible to come across your group members.

Is it scary?

There are no elements made to scare you and there are no actors inside. There are multiple rooms to explore of which some are small and others are spacious. If you have a serious fear for small spaces, this experience might not be suitable for you.

Where can I find Doloris' Universe?

Doloris’ Universe is found in the heart of Tilburg, Spoorlaan 21.

Is there a minimum or maximum age/length?

The minimum length is 140cm, there is no minimum or maximum age. In some parts of the maze you have to climb or crawl. As long as you can climb a stairs or crawl on your knees you can visit Doloris’ Universe.

Limited tickets
available now!

Limited tickets available now!

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I’ve waited to show you this.
Opening May 2019.

I’ve waited to
show you this.
Opening May 2019.

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