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Terms of Use

Doloris’ Meta Maze is an art attraction of Doloris B.V. (after this referred to as: DOLORIS). Within the limits of reasonableness, DOLORIS will do everything possible to ensure that the visit to Doloris’ Meta Maze (after this referred to as: Meta Maze) proceeds according to the wishes of the visitor. DOLORIS will act with optimal care towards the visitor. DOLORIS makes every effort to minimize any discomfort or inconvenience to the visitor and to guarantee the safety of the visitor as much as possible. DOLORIS would like to hear suggestions from the visitor to improve the service. At the checkout, the visitor is given the opportunity to state findings and / or suggestions.

  1. General provisions – definitions
  • DOLORIS – “DOLORIS” means the organization that manages and operates the Meta Maze, including, but not limited to, management, employees, and security, as well as other officers authorized to act on behalf of DOLORIS.
  • Meta Maze – ‘Meta Maze’ means the entirety of spaces, located in Tilburg at Spoorlaan 21, which falls under the legal or management authority of the management of DOLORIS, including, but not limited to, catering and event spaces and terraces.
  • Visitor – “Visitor” means anyone who enters the Meta Maze and / or attends an event or attends an activity as a guest by invitation organized by DOLORIS or by third parties with and with the permission of DOLORIS at and in the Meta Maze.
  • Agreement – When a visitor enters the Meta Maze, either as a paying visitor or as a guest, he is deemed to have entered into an agreement with DOLORIS to which the Visiting Conditions apply. The Visiting Conditions also apply to special activities within or outside the regular opening hours and / or aimed at visitors other than the regular visitor, such as in the case of events or catering catering.
  • Applicability – The applicability of the Visiting Conditions does not affect the possible applicability of other (contractual) conditions and / or arrangements of DOLORIS. Concurrence with other specific (contractual) conditions of DOLORIS does not set aside the Visiting Conditions. In case of conflict, the specific conditions or provisions given for a special activity prevail over the Visiting Conditions.
  • Visiting Conditions – The Visiting Conditions are understood to mean the general visiting conditions of DOLORIS, as filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Accessibility
  • The Meta Maze and the spaces of DOLORIS are located in a modern accessible building with activities spread over different floors as well as on the roof terrace. Both inside and outside the building, circumstances that affect personal accessibility must be taken into account. Individual circumstances can have a significant influence on this.
  • The Visitor is advised to inform himself of any restrictions with regard to the personal experience of the Meta Maze.
  • For information about the circumstances that may impose restrictions on personal accessibility and possibilities for individual help, the visitor is advised to contact DOLORIS employees.
  • Doloris Meta Maze is not accessible to persons under 12 years of age and has a physical disability (wheelchair, broken limbs, etc.).
  • Doloris Meta Maze can only be visited at your own risk.
  • Doloris Meta Maze meets Dutch safety standards, although every visitor is requested to move through the installation because of the physical intensity of the environment.

  1. Ticket sales, offers and prices
  • All quotations made in writing by DOLORIS or provided written information are binding insofar as it concerns own information material that is present within the Meta Maze at the time of the claim, or has recently been distributed by or on behalf of DOLORIS. DOLORIS is not liable for errors due to intent, fault or negligence on the part of third parties.
  • Every Visitor must have a valid admission ticket when he is present at the Meta Maze. He has access only through the designated entrances and paths.
  • The Visitor is at all times obliged, upon request, to show the admission ticket and any voucher or ticket that entitles to a discount on the admission price, including, but not limited to, employees who are recognizable as such.
  • The Visitor is not entitled to a refund of the admission price or any other compensation in the event of loss or theft of the admission ticket before entering the Meta Maze. If a visitor does not use the pre-purchased admission ticket, this is at the visitor’s own expense and risk; this is also the case if the admission ticket is only valid for a specific time and / or date. An admission ticket once obtained cannot be exchanged. Nor will the admission price be refunded. The paid entrance fee can, however, be refunded if circumstances beyond the control of the buyer make the Meta Maze visit impossible, the latter, however, at the sole discretion of the management, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 3.6.
  • Tickets for Doloris’ Meta Maze can be moved to a new day up to 48 hours before the reserved time slot in consultation with an authorized employee.
  • Up to 24 hours before the reserved time slot, a visitor can change her time on the same date, subject to other times being available.
  • The (potential) visitor can be denied access to the Meta Maze if it appears that the admission ticket, discount card or voucher has not been obtained from DOLORIS or a person authorized by DOLORIS.
  • DOLORIS will refund the admission price and travel costs actually paid by the visitor within the Netherlands only if the visitor has to leave the Meta Maze prematurely due to an unannounced emergency response exercise (Article 23 Working Conditions Act), as well as in the event of a real emergency resulting in the Meta Maze is partially or completely evacuated.
  • The provisions of this article do not apply to visitors who enter and stay in the Meta Maze as guests within the meaning of Article 1.4.
  • Groups of 20 persons or more can cancel at any time up to a maximum of 10% of the purchased tickets free of charge if this is arranged before the visit with an authorized employee of Doloris.

  1. Stay at Meta Maze
  • The visitor is prohibited from staying in or going to any other part of the Meta Maze other than that to which the admission ticket entitles the visitor.
  • During the stay at the Meta Maze, the visitor must behave in accordance with public order, morality and the rules of decency applicable to the nature of the activity visited. Visitors are also obliged to immediately follow the directions and instructions given by DOLORIS employees, which are recognizable as such. If, in the reasonable opinion of an authorized employee of DOLORIS the visitor acts in any way in violation of these standards, directions or instructions, the visitor may be denied further access to the Meta Maze, without the visitor having any right to reimbursement of the costs of the admission ticket or any other costs incurred.
  • The visitor is forbidden, among other things, in the Meta Maze: a) to offer goods of any kind for sale or to provide them free of charge; b) intentionally and long-term obstructing other visitors or obstructing the view of exhibited objects; c) hinder other visitors, including, but not limited to, the use of mobile phones, walkmans or other sources of noise; however, the use of such equipment may be explicitly permitted in certain areas by DOLORIS; e) to smoke; f) to take dangerous objects or substances with them in the opinion of a DOLORIS employee who is recognizable as such; g) touch exhibited objects. Parents or supervisors of children should strictly ensure that exhibited objects are not touched by the children they bring with them. Teachers and group supervisors should ensure that the group members they supervise do not damage the objects on display.
  • In special cases where the general safety of persons or the Meta Maze reasonably requires this, a DOLORIS employee may request inspection of the (hand) luggage carried by the visitor. In addition, if deemed necessary, specially trained and trained personnel may request visitors to cooperate with a security search when entering or leaving the Meta Maze. Before entering the Meta Maze, potential visitors are warned that this measure is in effect.
  • A video surveillance system is operational in the DOLORIS rooms. Visitors agree that video recordings can be made of them.
  • DOLORIS maintains strict copyrights. Publication or reproduction of photo, video and film recordings made in DOLORIS in any way and by any medium for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission from the management of DOLORIS.
  • DOLORIS may deny access to the Meta Maze for a specific period of time to a visitor who has intentionally damaged an object during one or more previous visits to the Meta Maze, or otherwise justifies the fear of damage. DOLORIS can in any case subject this visitor during his visits to the measures referred to in Article 4.4 of these Conditions of Visit. The decision to deny access will be immediately, motivated and, if possible, made known to this visitor in writing.

  1. Complaints
  • DOLORIS will make every effort to ensure that the visit to the Meta Maze or the events and activities organized by DOLORIS proceed in accordance with the published offer. This also includes the obligation to inform the public as well as possible about the complete, partial or early closure of the Meta Maze and / or exhibitions organized by DOLORIS. DOLORIS also informs the potential public about nuisance-causing maintenance work, alterations or the (re) design of spaces. The visitor can never derive a right to compensation from this.
  • Complaints are not admissible with regard to the following circumstances. These circumstances can never lead to any obligation to compensate damage by DOLORIS to the visitor: a) complaints relating to the invisible parts of objects from the Meta Maze; b) Complaints related to partial closure of the Meta Maze, including, but not limited to, partial closure as a result of building or repairing.
  • The visitor can submit complaints, advertisement and suggestions for improvement in writing by sending an email to itsme@doloris.nl

  1. Liability
  • The visitor’s stay at the Meta Maze is at your own expense and risk.
  • DOLORIS is only liable for damage suffered by the visitor or injury caused to the visitor that is the direct and exclusive result of negligence on the part of DOLORIS and its employees. On the understanding that only that damage is eligible for compensation which DOLORIS is insured for or should have been insured for reasonableness and fairness and only for the maximum handled amount.
  • DOLORIS ‘liability is, among other things, excluded for: a) damage as a result of actions by third parties, including persons engaged by DOLORIS and tenants of (spaces in) the building and the persons engaged by these third parties; b) damage resulting from failure to follow instructions given by the DOLORIS employee and from non-compliance with generally applicable rules of decency; c) damage in any way caused by other visitors. d) damage caused to the visitor’s vehicles.
  • DOLORIS is never liable for damage suffered by the visitor that has arisen as a result of force majeure on the part of DOLORIS. Force majeure also includes any circumstance independent of the will of DOLORIS – even if this was already foreseen at the time the agreement was concluded – that prevents fulfillment of the agreement temporarily or permanently, as well as insofar as not already understood war, war violence, civil war, terrorism, riot, riots, police and / or fire service, strike, transport difficulties, fire and other serious malfunctions in the DOLORIS company or in the building, weather conditions and not functioning public transport.

  1. Liability of visitors
  • The visitor of the Meta Maze is liable for all direct and indirect damage that he causes whether or not as a result of non-compliance with these visiting conditions and indemnifies DOLORIS against claims from third parties in this respect.
  • The (original) entitled person of the admission ticket is jointly responsible and jointly liable for damage caused by the holder of this admission ticket.
  • Parents or supervisors of children are at all times responsible for and liable for the behavior of minor children brought along by them. Teachers and supervisors of groups are, without prejudice to everyone’s own responsibility and liability, jointly responsible for and jointly responsible for the behavior of group members supervised by them.
  • Organizations that organize or arrange meetings, events and / or parties in the Meta Maze are at all times responsible and liable for the behavior of the guests invited by them, without prejudice to their own responsibility and liability.

  1. Applicable law
  • These Visiting Conditions and the agreement between the visitor and DOLORIS are governed by Dutch law.
  • All disputes arising from the agreement between the visitor and DOLORIS will only be submitted to a court that has jurisdiction in the district of Zeeland-West Brabant.


  1. Final provision
  • If one or more of the aforementioned articles are or will not be legally valid, the other provisions will remain legally valid. In that case, the new provision will replace the invalid provision that corresponds as much as possible to the old invalid provision in terms of content, scope and / or objective.