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Doloris International

Invest in the future of immersive experiences

Doloris is a creative company with a proven business case in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It’s a unique combination between art, culture, gastronomy and leisure. Doloris creates and operates unique art-mazes which attract a lot of visitors. From on 2022 Doloris will expand every year into a new European country.

Trailer Doloris Tilburg


We’ve seen it al, today everything is an experience. It’s getting harder to be surprised, amazed and loose track of time. What if you could let go of the ordinary. Be dazzled after every corner. What if you could step into an alternative reality? Even better; into hundreds of realities?

Our main product is a unique art-maze. It’s an installation where visitors walk, climb and crawl over art. This surreal world is comparable to the worlds of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia or Stranger Things. Visitors compare it to a trip without using drugs, jungle-gym museum or stay-inroom. The goal is to forget time, tickle your senses, evoke emotions and immerse yourself as much as possible into this strange but lovely dimension. The power of the product is the fact it’s hard to describe, the only way you find out is to experience it yourself. Also Doloris will be used as franchise IP to related operations like restaurants or hotels.

One of a kind experience

Unique in the world

Dozens of thematic rooms to explore by yourself

Offline experience, no devices allowed

Proven business case

60.000+ visitors in year #1 in Tilburg

Winner ‘Daredevil’ Award by Entree Magazine

65+ NPS score

Attractive return on investment

Minimum investment €50.000

Invest in Doloris

We are open to investments from €50,000 upwards. You will support the developments needed to expand our surrealistic worlds internationally while benefiting from the growth of the company.

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