Doloris’ Meta Maze is temporarily closed. Doloris' Rooftop delivers streetfood to your home!

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Practical information

Last update: 13-01-2021
Due to the new measures announced on January 12th, the Meta Maze and Rooftop have to close their doors until February 11th, 2021. All visitors with a booking in the coming weeks will receive an email on January 13th, regarding the option of choosing a new date for their visit.

What are the measures at Doloris?
The capacity of the Meta Maze has been reduced well below the allowed amount. So a visit to the maze has never been so private. We have changed the layout and routing in the building, so we can guarantee the 1.5 meters distance.

We also offer the possibility to disinfect your hands in several places. For visitors of Doloris’ Meta Maze, we offer free gloves when entering the maze. Visitors are blindfolded prior to the experience; these blindfolds are only used once. It is mandatory to wear a facemask when you visit Doloris. You have to wear these, everywhere, at all times.

Moreover, we trust that when you make a booking, you declare that you meet the guidelines of the RIVM and that you are in good health.

Visit Doloris’ Rooftop
Doloris’ Rooftop is closed until further notice, but will reopen its doors the earliest in February of 2021. In the meantime, Doloris’ Rooftop delivers streetfood to your home!

Visit Doloris’ Meta Maze
Enter the world of Doloris and put all your senses on edge in the surrealistic art maze. The capacity of the maze has been reduced, never before have you experienced Doloris’ Meta Maze so exclusive! Because of the new measures, it is not possible to have a drink in the waiting area of the maze. Tickets can only be booked online.

If there are any changes in the measures and your reservation can’t continue, we will contact you about this.

Can I contact customer service?
You can reach us by phone during office hours or send us an email at

See you soon,