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Practical information

Last update: 26-11-2021

The information below is valid from Sunday 28 November until December 14th.

Reservations for Doloris’ Meta Maze
All reservations made until 16.00 will be able to continue, all reservations made after this time will be cancelled. Do you have a reservation after 16:00? Then you will be contacted on Monday, November 29 to reschedule your reservation. The 16:00 timeslot has all the time in the world to explore the maze.

Any other questions about your reservation at Doloris’ Meta Maze?
You can reach us by phone during office hours or send an e-mail to .

Reservations for Doloris’ Rooftop
If you would like to make a reservation for Doloris’ Rooftop, please note that you can make reservations until 3 pm and that you can stay for drinks or dinner until 5 pm. Existing reservations for drinks or dinner after 3 pm will automatically expire. Would you like to change your reservation for Doloris’ Rooftop? Please call 013 208 4058 (option 2 in the menu) or email .

What are the other measures?
Face masks are mandatory at Doloris. You also have to show your vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test upon entry. This applies to both Doloris’ Meta Maze and Doloris’ Rooftop.

We hope to see you soon at Doloris!