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Health information

Personal health
We’re aiming to make Doloris’ Meta Maze an amazing experience for everyone. Unfortunately, the Meta Maze is not suitable or accessible for everyone. To enter the maze you have to be in good physical condition.


The Meta Maze is not suitable when you’re:

  • pregnant
  • physically and/or mentally unstable
  • sensitive to an epileptic seizure
  • under the age of 12
  • claustrophobic and/or have a fear of small, dark spaces
  • have an anxiety disorder
  • under the influence of alcohol or stimulants
  • night-blind/can see poorly in the dark

The Meta Maze is physically challenging. You’ll have to crawl and climb through your journey. Inside there are plenty of spaces to rest when you get exhausted.


Alcohol and drugs
You will get the best experience when entering with a clear mind. When you’ve had more than a few drinks our staff are free to deny you access to the maze.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. Please understand that the Meta Maze is an intense experience in itself and does NOT combine well with stimulants. When staff is suspecting use or possession of drugs, you will be denied entrance and you will not get your entrance fee refunded.