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Want to make a personal group reservation and not for a company? Then click here.

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Do you want to organize a (company) get-together? Then we offer the ideal location with facilities you can provide for up to 300 people. Think of drinks like farewell drinks, anniversary drinks, summer/Christmas/New Year drinks, drinks after a meeting, or networking drinks. The drinks are possible in combination with Doloris’ Meta Maze (On weekends it is not possible to book this with more than 8 persons).


Do you want to organize an event for a larger group? We offer the ideal location for this. Possibility to rent Doloris’ Rooftop (including or excluding entertainment). You name your wishes and we take care of creating that unique event. For example networking events, internal events ( employees) & external events (relations/marketing events), business gifts, kick-off/sales events, and business dinner events.

An event is possible with the experience: Doloris’ Meta Maze (On weekends it is not possible to book this with more than 8 persons).

Corporate parties

Something to celebrate with the company? There are several options with food and beverage packages. Possibility of total rental of Doloris’ Rooftop (including or excluding entertainment). Ask for the possibilities. For example company party/staff party or a company anniversary. A company party is possible in combination with Doloris’ Meta Maze (On weekends it is not possible to book this with more than 8 persons).

These companies went before you

“Our client afternoon at Doloris was a great success. The event was perfectly planned, including a delicious lunch and access to the new fully equipped meeting room.”

Puck Nieuwpoort, Mgr. National & Key Accounts

“I would highly recommend visiting Tilburg and experiencing Doloris’ Meta Maze. The food at Doloris’ Rooftop upstairs was delicious.”

 Jacqueline van der Maas, Program Assistant

What we offer?

  • Our all-in-one solution provides convenience for meetings, experiences, and hospitality needs.
  • Services are customizable to fit specific requirements for get-togethers, events, or corporate parties.
  • We can accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 300 people.
  • We provide a completely stress-free experience with a single point of contact.
  • Central location in Tilburg next to central station.


Can I book outside at the rooftop?

It is possible to make a group reservation for outside on the rooftop. Bad weather that day? No problem, we have plenty of places to move your group reservation inside.

If I submit a group application, am I committed to it?

No, you can submit a group request to us without any obligation. We will give you an offer with your wishes incorporated. You can decide whether to sign, modify or reject the quote.

Is a group reservation at Doloris suitable for me?

There are numerous options for group reservations, ranging from 9 to 300 people. For example, it is possible to organize a company drink, event, or corporate party. There is even the option of full rental of the rooftop including or excluding entertainment. We will gladly discuss your wishes and see if we can do something for you. Can also be combined with Doloris’ Meta Maze (On weekends it is not possible to book this with more than 8 persons).

If I want to make a group reservation for less than 9 people, should I make it here too?

If you want to visit Doloris’ Meta Maze with up to 8 people, you can do so here. Reservations for Doloris’ Rooftop can be made here. Both reservations must be made separately. Would you like a VAT invoice? You can request one online at: itsme@doloris.nl

Where is Doloris?

Our address is: Spoorlaan 21, 5038 CB Tilburg.

Doloris is located right next to the Central Station of Tilburg 500 meters away and close to the center.

What kind of arrangements are served?

We offer various drink – & food arrangements at Doloris’ Rooftop. View our information brochure here for current information.

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